Lanka Premier League LPL postponed until November 2020

Lanka Premier League LPL postponed until November 2020

The Lanka Premier League LPL, which was scheduled to start on August 28, has now been postponed until November 2020 due to quarantine restrictions in Sri Lanka. The new restrictions forced the board, which was waiting for the indulgence of the Health Ministry, to reschedule the tournament.

In what has been a major blow to Sri Lankan cricket, the Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL) has been postponed until at least mid-November due to recently imposed quarantine restrictions in the country of Sri Lanka. Tournament organizers and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) had hoped to launch the T20 competition on August 28, but the Lankan government’s quarantine restrictions, which have made it mandatory for anyone arriving in the country to serve a 14-day quarantine. – has made it impossible for the board to move forward with the originally scheduled date. Therefore, as a result, SLC has been forced to delay the tournament until mid-November.

The board originally expected the Health Ministry to be lenient when it comes to quarantine restrictions for arriving foreigners, but the imposition of the 14-day rule has left SLC with no choice but to push the tournament forward. Speaking to ESPN Cricinfo, SLC Vice President Ravin Wickramaratne revealed that the board is now potentially considering hosting the tournament in the November 20-December 12.

“We are not the experts, so we had to accept what the Ministry of Health tells us. There is a window from November 20 to December 12, so that’s what we’re planning, ”SLC Vice President Ravin Wickramaratne told ESPNcricinfo.

Interestingly, the news is a relief to several Sri Lankan and international players, as it would mean they could participate in both the IPL and the LPL. The original schedule had the LPL overlapped with the IPL (the quarantine restrictions would have also made it impossible for players to play in both tournaments), but the revised schedule, which will see the tournament take place after the IPL, will give a chance for multiple players to participate in both competitions.

Sri Lanka, like New Zealand, is one of the few countries that has not been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With less than 3,000 overall COVID-19 cases and just over 200 active cases, Sri Lanka is one of the safest countries in the world and Lankan players have also been training and playing preparation matches within the nation to keep up. fit and in touch. Their first assignment will most likely be against Bangladesh at home, but the series dates have yet to be defined by both the boards and the ICC.