Krishna Kaul has alleged that IPL 2020 theme song is Copied

Krishna Kaul has alleged that IPL 2020 theme song is Copied

Krishna Kaul has been alleged that the theme song of this year’s IPL is stolen from someone else’s song. Last Sunday, the IPL authorities released the theme song of the 13th IPL. The song titled ‘Ayenge Hum Wapas’ is made in light of the current situation. The message is to seek inspiration from the current situation. The authorities believe that this year’s event will reduce the fear in India. But that is the next thing. The controversy started soon after the song was released.

Delhi-based rap singer Krishna Kaul has alleged that the IPL 2020 theme song is copied and was stolen. He released a song in 2016 called ‘Dekh Kaun Aya Wapas’. The Anthem song of IPL 2020 has been made with the words and melody of that song.

In a tweet, the rap singer wrote, “The IPL has made this year’s theme song ‘Ayenge Hum Wapas’ by stealing from the song ‘Amar Dekh Koon Aya Wapas’.” No permission was taken for this, no gratitude was acknowledged. I urge fellow artists and friends to retweet this tweet so that they do not get over it. ‘

After that, the issue spread on social media. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said in a statement that it had no information about the theft. But the hashtag #IPLAnthemCopied is already trending on Twitter


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