Kane Williamson Finally Speaks Over Controversial Win

Kane Williamson Finally Speaks Over Controversial Win

Since the conclusion of the 2019 World Cup tournament with the English cricket team winning its first World Cup trophy, ICC and its rules have been subject to severe criticism since six runs were given by referees to England during the Reversal.

Although the winner of the game is decided based on the boundaries and not the total number of rounds, an extra round awarded to England probably cost The match and the trophy to New Zealand. After the match, even Simon Taufel cleared up the scene and reported the foul. He said it was a mistake by the referees on the field.

In response to the reversal controversy, New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson said:

“I didn’t know the most specific rule at the time, obviously you trust the referees and what they do. I imagine you add that to a few hundred other things that could have been different,”

Even New Zealand team head coach Gary Stead and batting coach Craig MacMillan are unaware of this ICC rule. Speaking of the error, Gary Stead said:

“Referees are there to govern and they are human too, as players, sometimes mistakes are made.”

“This is the human nature of sport and why we also care about sport”