Justin Langer backs David Warner Saying Never Write off Champion Players

Justin Langer backs David Warner Saying Never Write off Champion Players

One Batsman who will want to quickly forget the 2019 Ashes series is David Warner, whose horrible show with the bat ended with a terrible average of just 9.50. Stuart Broad terrorized Warner with his line around the wicket and eliminated the left-hander for the seventh time in his ten innings that set a new Test record. Despite that Justin Langer Backs David Warner saying Never Write off Champion Players.

Such an instance occurred only on five other occasions when a bowler caught a player seven times in a single series. The last time this happened was in the previous Ashes series, where Australian bowler Nathan Lyon was chasing Moeen Ali.

Despite his form, Warner found the vital support of head coach Justin Langer. “I think, frankly speaking, he let Stuart Broad get into his head, and he overthought about it,” Langer said.

After his 61-stroke in the first innings of the third Test at Headingley, the 11 runs he scored in his final innings in Manchester on Sunday were Warner’s second-highest run-score in the series. It also has three consecutive ducks in the series.

“I’ve seen it before, even with the great players, now and then they have a series, and I’m talking about the great players of all time, they have a series in which … I remember Gilly (Adam Gilchrist) with Andrew Flintoff, I remember seeing Steve Waugh sitting on the team bus in South Africa and the guy had been a running machine for so long, he came out just before the stuffes and I, in a sick way, I thought it was for the best. I’d seen him before, ” said Langer.

Langer on David Warner

“In this case, I don’t think David solved the puzzle, and he’ll be the first to admit that, he’ll probably be very relieved that he gets on the Qantas flight in a day and doesn’t have to face Stuart Broad for a while, I think. However, it certainly is, there are still many advantages in his batting. I’ve learned over a long period that you never rule out champions, no matter what sport, you never rule out champions. They tend to be good, don’t they? So, he’s had a tough series, there’s no doubt about that, but he’s also a champion player, so generally, with champion players, they have a little more time to be good.”

Meanwhile, Langer believes that while there has been a massive improvement in the Australian team during his 16 months in charge, there should be more for the team to achieve greatness.

“It’s something we’re improving on, how we go back after a win.”

“That probably also comes with the maturity of the group. It’s okay to defend yourself when they’re the underdog, and it’s one of those Australian things: we love the underdog label. It’s admirable to protect yourself from a difficult loss, and I said how proud I was with everyone about it.

“But also in the last few years, we haven’t necessarily had the best performance after a win. Outstanding teams do that, and we didn’t do too well after the first test at Lord’s. We didn’t do it after this test. There have been some series of tests in recent years when the team has not been able to. I think it will be part of the maturity on our side. If you probably think about it, just as we were in this series, we’re still not a great team.

“We are a good team, and we are an experienced team. We have some great players on it. However, we aspire to be a great cricket team. You have to work hard and get consistent results to achieve it. That comes from experience and learning to win. That comes with individually more experienced players and the team working together. That kind of thing evolves, I think.

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