Jofra Archer bouncer Steve Smith

Jofra Archer Slammed for Smiling after hitting Steve Smith with Bouncer. 

After Australian Batsmen Steve Smith forcibly retired hurt and was injured in welcoming one of Jofra Archer’s ferocious bouncer, many social media users gave their love to the Australian batsmen during the fourth day of the second Ash Test on Sunday.

While the 30-year-old right-handed batsmen got prayers and good wishes from all corners, many cricket fans couldn’t help but notice the smile on the Face of the England bowler Jofra Archer after he knocked at him with a bouncer.

Social media users rated the player for quick bowling about his behavior and poor sportsmanship and showed a lack of empathy after hitting him, rather than verifying it.

Steve Smith stayed at 80-not when Jofra Archer hit him, and the aggressive bowling spell moved at 96 miles per hour. Steve Smith came off the ground with a standing ovation from the crowd, while Archer’s conduct met with internet disapproval.

Some of the Social Media Users Tweeted on Jofra Archer Bouncer:

Muhammad Hamza Inam Tweeted:

Jofra Archer Not Checking Steve Smith and Laughing while the champion is down, it’s an ultimate shame to sportsmanship.

Nathaniel Bane Tweeted:

After Jofra Archer hit Steve Smith in the head with a fierce bouncer and was flat on the field, the gravely dazed Australians thought of Phil Hughes, this lot had a giggle.

Craig Eldred Tweeted:

I understand Ashes is competitive, but Jofra Archer laughing as Steve Smith lay lying affected was hard to see. It’s hard not to think of Philip Hughes.

Liam Pickering Tweeted:

Despite all Archer’s bravado and short shit (plus the horrendous cover of everything), he couldn’t get Smith out, hit him with a bumper. Well done champion. You turn your back on it and walk back to your bowling brand laughing like a schoolboy and you look at the scoreboard: you didn’t take it out

James Mottershead Tweeted:

He doesn’t mind seeing Archer’s hostility, which is very reminiscent of Johnson’s ashes 13-14. But calculate when you hit someone: 1. you go and control it and 2. He’s classy enough not to laugh.

Neroli Meadows Tweeted:

I know its Cricket Test and it’s brutal, but that was one of the most unpleasant punches you’ll ever see. Flush with the head. Archer laughing doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Am I alone?

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