Joe Root wants to remain as England captain after Ashes defeat

Skipper Joe Root wants to remain as England captain after Ashes defeat

Skipper Joe Root does not have any doubt that he should remain as England’s test captain despite presiding over his first failure to earn a series of ashes at home in 18 years.

England sought to recover the ashes after a humiliating 4-0 defeat under Root in Australia in 2017/18.

However, Australia’s 185-runs win in the fourth test at Old Trafford on Sunday left them with an undisputed 2-1 lead in the five-game series before next week’s late-year Oval.

Root, whose tactical acumen has questioned in this series, maybe England’s top hitter, but three of his last five test innings have ended up in ducks.

However, he had no doubts about continuing in the often stressful role of the England captain.

“Definitely, yes,” the 28-year-old Joe Root said when asked if he still felt he was the right man for the job.

“Every time you lose a series, it hurts, and I have to take that on my chin. It’s still very crude.”

“You have to look at the areas where you want to improve, both in you and as a team.

“But I have been given a fantastic opportunity to captain the Side of the Test, and I will continue to work very hard doing the best I can. That’s under my control, and I have to make sure I keep this team in the best shape to win. as many games as possible.”

It was England’s first defeat in an Old Trafford event since 2001 and Root, one of several players who also participated in this season’s World Cup triumph has little time to revive spirits before Thursday’s start at The Oval.

England, however, could still finish this series 2-2 and earn valuable points at the inaugural World Test Championships with a victory in south London.

Joe Root says that It is important to keep in mind next week.

“We have an important test match against Australia, and we must make sure we finish this summer with strength: not to lose this series of ashes.”

“We have the test championship to play, don’t lose this series of ashes. It’s important to me, and it’s important for everyone involved.”

“I know the ashes won’t come home, but in terms of the test championship, at the end of the two-year cycle those points could be crucial.”

“Every match against Australia is important.”

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