Is Really Steve Smith Better Than Don Bradman

Is Really Steve Smith Better Than Don Bradman

Steve Smith has pretty much settled the debate about the best test batsman in the world right now. It wouldn’t be very wrong to say that he is one of the best, if not the best test player of all time. Based on Smith’s current performances, one can’t help but compare him to the legendary Don Bradman, who is widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time.

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Steve Smith was number one test batsman when he was banned for a year in the wake of the ball-tampering scandal. Unsurprisingly, few expected him to do well in his current ashes test series 2019. But Smith didn’t exceed all expectations. In just five innings, he has already become the top scorer of the year and has regained the top spot.

And as Smith continues his unprecedented batting exploits, Forbes praises him. Writing for Forbes, Tristan Lavalette not only praised Smith as master but also said the Australian star was perhaps better than Bradman.

“He’s about to expect him to mark a century every time he enters the fold. Once he’s about 20, it’s inevitable. He’s going big. You can feel this fear of seeing unhappiness engulf England and the crowd when Smith is settled”.

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Lavalette then compared Smith and Bradman and can be said to rate the first highest. The reason he put forward his assessment is impeccable as Smith continues to torment teams around the world, while Bradman has the luxury of playing in familiar conditions throughout his illustrious career.

“There is an argument that suggests he might even be better than Bradman, given the greater competition Smith faces and the increasingly exhausting timing these days. Bradman has only played in England and Australia. I will try it and guess that the teams were not able to develop great strategies in the 1930s and 1940s.

“Even with all the technology and expertise available, no one knows how to stop Smith. He’s great. A master at the height of his powers,” he wrote.