IPL Auction 2021 may be postponed to 2022

IPL Auction 2021 may be postponed to 2022

A mega auction of players will be held every three years for the IPL series. In the intervening years, a small auction will be held to replace the retired and injured players. The last time a mega auction was held for the 2018 IPL series.

The next mega-auction for the next season, 2021, is expected in December. But the Indian team is scheduled to tour Australia in December after the conclusion of this year’s IPL series. Following that, the Indian team is busy with a series of Tests following their tour of England in January. Thus the days for IPL bidding will be very short. You can’t keep it and bid. And it turns out to be something that is impossible.

Some people, including Kolkata team owner Shah Rukh Khan, have written that the IPL Auction for 2021 may be postponed to 2022 next year. Will the BCCI consider this soon and postpone the next IPL auction? Isn’t it Seems to be releasing details about? If the IPL auction does not take place this year, many players who have excelled in local competitions may not get a chance in the team. Similarly, some of the foreign players are said to be so useless. In view of all this, it is said that the BCCI will confirm this request and take a final decision.


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