IPL 2021: 10 New Rules that Teams and Players Must Follow

IPL 2021: 10 New Rules that Teams and Players Must Follow

Indian Premier League – IPL 14 season is set to start on April 9 and players have already started arriving in the host cities. The latest IPL was the first to happen in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic and saw some very unusual rules and regulations.

From man-made crowd noise to stringent dynamic bubble protocols, IPL 2020 was completely different from previous versions. However, the IPL 2021 Live Streaming Channel will also be unique with the league returning to India, where the impact of the pandemic remains strong.

New seasons will see the introduction of stricter protocols, as well as some adjustments to the existing rules to make the tournament more suitable for current times.

IPL 2021: 10 New Rules that All Teams and Players Must Follow

1. Family and Owners will Remain in the Bubble

Like players and their family members as well as team owners, they can only get out of the bubble if it is necessary. Moreover, they will have to obtain official permission from the BCCI Medical Director to exit the bubble.

2. Teams Areas of the Hotel to be Closed

To ensure greater team safety, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry has stipulated that teams try to book whole hotels for their teams. If this is not possible, an entire suite of the hotel will be reserved for the team and closed for those who are not part of the group. This avoids any possibility of contact with strangers.

3. Bubble Safety Managers

To ensure that teams do not violate the sanctity of vital bubbles, a team of four “Bubble Integrity Managers” will be created for each side. They will ensure that players and support staff adhere to the strict rules. It will also be the responsibility of this group to inform the authorities of any breach of protocols.

4. Bearing Own Expenses

The IPL authorities also decided that those players from certain overseas locations, such as the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East, will have to undergo a 7-day quarantine they will have to bear the costs. They are the same.

5. Immediate Ball Replacement

While research has indicated that cricket balls are unlikely to be a dangerous carrier of the dreaded Coronavirus, however, to eliminate the danger, it has been decided that if the ball enters the stands or exits the ground, it will be replaced immediately. The replaced ball will not be disposed of but will be disinfected and returned to the kit for later use.

6. Bubble to bubble

To reduce the burden of quarantine on players, BCCI has allowed players in India vs England limited series to move from their current bubble to an IPL bubble without any period of isolation in between.

7. Special Requirements to be in Chennai

Players arriving in Chennai will need to provide a special electronic pass issued by the government of Tamil Nadu. And according to the special rules issued in that province.

8. Three RT-PCR Tests are Needed to enter the Bubble

Before entering a bubble, all those who do not come from another bubble will have to undergo three RT-PCR tests over a period of seven days. Only when they test negative on all of them will they be allowed to join the bubble.

9. Separate Check-in Counters

To keep players out of harm’s way, they will have separate check-in counters in hotels. This will ensure that they stay separate from the outside elements as they move from the rooms to the square.

10. No Communication between BCCI Officials and the Players

BCCI’s high-ranking officers will not enter a bubble, so they will not be allowed to meet any of those in the bubble, whether they are players or officials.

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