IPL 2020 should be Played in India

IPL 2020 should be Played in India Rather Than UAE

A lawyer by the name of Abhishek Lagu filed the petition in the Mumbai High Court on Tuesday. Anyway, this lawyer has applied to organize IPL in India. Abhishek said the IPL should not be allowed outside India in any way. Because it has a brand value of around Tk 50 crore. Abhishek’s idea is that it will increase in the coming season. Therefore, he said that IPL 2020 should be played in India rather than in UAE.

In the petition filed, he wrote, ‘IPL is not a charity event. Many businesses have collapsed due to the Corona epidemic. If the IPL is kept in India, it will be able to bring a big change to the country’s economy. IPL should not be done anywhere else for the sake of the country.

The Indian government has agreed to host the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the United Arab Emirates due to the coronavirus. The biggest event of franchise cricket is starting on 19th September. The franchises are already preparing their teams. This time the news is like a frenzy with the IPL, a lawyer does not want the IPL outside India. He has filed a petition in the Indian court for this.