IPL 2020 matches are to be held with strict restrictions

IPL 2020 matches are to be held with strict restrictions

IPL 2020 matches are to be held with strict restrictions as they are to be held amidst coronavirus exposure. For this, a safety ring called Bio Bubble has been created and it has been ordered that the players participating in the IPL series, the employees on duty, the hotel staff where they stay, and the driver of the bus should not leave it.

Also, none of the players should come out of the room and talk to the next room. If there were comrades in the adjoining room, they were charged with various offenses, such as standing on the balcony and talking.

Players must wear sophisticated Bluetooth bands designed to sound the alarm if they violate the two-meter distance social space rule. Players should only remove it before going to sleep. Although the operation of this device is not yet clear, it has been suggested that even family members of players who stay with them should wear this Bluetooth band.

Even on the team bus, they have to sit in a zig-zag style so they don’t interact with each other. Rajasthan Royals player Seamer Jaidev shared the difficulty in viewing the Unadkat players. “I think the control over not allowing each other to go into other rooms will be the hardest part for us players. We’ve never encountered this in the past. You have to talk to someone when you have so much time away from home. It’s easier to say than to actually do this, but there is no other way.

One of the players wanted to know if someone who came in positive on the test could be re-contracted. During the photoshoot, the camera crew was instructed on the webinar to wear BPE kits and use them while the hairstylists were on duty.