Inzamam Highlighted The Weak Point of Pakistan Team

Inzamam ul Haq Highlighted The Weak Point of Pakistan Team

Despite a win over weak Zimbabwe in Harare, Pakistan suffered a batting setback. At the end of the match, Inzamam came to his e-channel live and highlighted the weak point of the Pakistan Team. The weak point of the Pakistan team is their middle order. This place needs a lot of improvement. Judging by the batting order of the team, it seems that after the number three position, everyone else is a tail end. Yet Pakistan continues to win. Inji credited the top-order batsmen for this.

“Pakistan’s top-order batsmen are playing great at the moment,” he said. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to win the match with this weak middle order. Now the cricketers of the team have to realize their responsibility. We have to learn from our mistakes. Seeing that the team is on the verge of winning now, the matter is not in sight.

Losing a match will increase the pressure on the players. Then the failure of the middle order will be obvious. There are experienced cricketers in team management, they should look into this soon.

Opener Mohammad Rizwan led the team alone in Harare. The wicketkeeper-batsman had 72 runs in the target of 150 runs thrown by Pakistan. After that Pakistan won by 11 runs in the last over.

Earlier, Pakistan’s middle order was also lackluster during the tour of South Africa. Mohammad Hafeez, the team’s most experienced cricketer, is not smiling. There is no fifty out of the top three batsmen in the ODI series. The same was the case in the T20 series. Inzamam can bring Pakistan’s middle-order batsmen to justice in these trials.