Indian cricketers apologized at the end of the match

Indian cricketers apologized at the end of the match

India Vs Pakistan duality means extra excitement, excitement for the fans. However, the political crisis in the two countries has also affected cricket. Before the evolution of T20 cricket, Pakistan was ahead in Tests and ODIs. However, since the inauguration of the country’s star cricketer Shahid Afridi, the two teams have fought side by side. There was not much difference between victory and defeat. But Afridi’s claim is that at one point India lost so much that Indian cricketers apologized at the end of the match.

After the 2012-13 season, the bilateral series between the two teams came to an end. We have just seen them in the ICC event or Asia Cup. So far, the two teams have met in 132 ODIs against Pakistan’s 63 wins against India’s 55 wins. India has nine wins against Pakistan’s 12 in 59 Tests. India’s dominance in the T20, of course, is only one, compared to India’s six wins in eight encounters.

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While the overall figures were in Pakistan’s favor, there was not much difference in the figures between the two teams during Shahid Afridi’s retirement. However, Afridi, who has just been released from Corona, said on a YouTube channel that he has won so many matches against India that Indian cricketers have apologized.

“I always enjoy playing against India,” said the Pakistani all-rounder. We lost them quite well. I believe we defeat them so much that they were used to apologizing to us at the end of the match. I always enjoy playing against India and Australia. The game against them is very stressful. They are a very big team, a good team. Going to their condition and playing and doing well is really something different. ‘