Imran Tahir Knelt Down After Getting the Wicket

Imran Tahir Knelt Down After Getting the Wicket

What is floating in front of the eyes after saying this? He is running. Running is running. He has innumerable memes about this celebration, he has gone to space by running, even so. However, Imran Tahir did not run after getting the wicket, he knelt down due to Black Lives Matter.

The South African legspinner has celebrated his ‘unnatural’ in the Caribbean Premier League, CPL. Tahir, who plays for Guyana Amazon Warriors, celebrated after getting Sunil Narine’s wicket in his 2nd and 11th over of the innings against Trincomalee Knight Riders in the first match. Narine was caught in the midwicket by Kimo Paul while trying to sweep the ball outside the off-stump. But before that, he made fifty off 26 balls.

Before the start of the match, both the teams have been on their knees in solidarity with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Earlier in the tour of England, the West Indies did the same before every match, but both teams did the same.

This year’s CPL has started with this match. Only Trinidad and Tobago are hosting this year’s event. However, there are no spectators on the field. Although Covid-19 was not injured in that way, it is being played on a field without spectators as a precaution.

Tahir is the only South African to play in this year’s CPL. The rest of his country could not come to South Africa due to international travel restrictions. Tahir, who went to Pakistan to play in the Pakistan Super League, PSL, was stuck there after the Covid-19 epidemic broke out.