ICC Playing Rules and Conditions For ICC World Test Championship

ICC Released Playing Conditions For World Test Championship

The ICC has published the playing conditions for the inaugural World Test Championship, which begins on 1 August with the first Ash Test between England and Australia at Edgbaston. Here’s what’s new.

Level of teams separated in points

If at the end of the group stage, two or more teams are leveled in points, the team with the most wins in the series will take the highest place in the table. If they are level on that front, the proportion of wicket runs, defined as runs scored by a lost wicket, divided by the races conceded by wicket was taken, will be taken into account.

Abandoned matches

An abandoned match will be treated as a draw. But if the match is abandoned due to an unsuitable field or field, the home team will be penalized and points will be awarded for a win to the away team.

Overvaluation calculations

Excessive rates will be calculated in the same way they are currently used, with an expectation of 15 variations per hour. However, playing conditions have introduced some new exclusions for when a team quickly pulls aside or does not release more than 60 overs in the match.

Any team is bowled out in 60 overs or less over, and the bowling team has not exceeded the over rate limit, those innings will not be included in the bowling team’s over-rate calculation.

When one side knocks down the opposition twice, and in doing so does not complete more than 120 envelopes in total, that team will be exempt from any overvaluation penalties.

When a team does not place more than 60 overs on a match, that team will be exempt from any overvaluation penalty.

Over-fee penalties

As previously announced, captains will no longer bear a higher burden of slow overpasses than the rest of their team members, and there will be no risk of suspension from being behind the required index. Instead, all players will face equal fines, and teams will lose WTC points if found to be behind the rate.

For each short team, an excess penalty will apply.

For each Over Penalty, there will be two WTC points deducted from the team’s total.

All players will receive a fine the same as the captain for excessive violations: 20% of their excess penalty match fee, up to a maximum of 100%. There will be no escalation in penalties for repeated offenses

Concussion substitutes

As revealed earlier this month, teams will be able to replace players suffering from concussions on the field with a similar replacement. For this to happen, the following conditions must be met.

The player must be diagnosed with a concussion suffered on the field of play by a team medical representative.

A request for a substitute is filed within 36 hours of the incident. Teams must appoint a similar replacement to be approved by the ICC match referee. Once replaced, the shocked player cannot participate in the game anymore.

Peer-to-peer replacements will be at the discretion of the match referee, to ensure that a team does not change the balance of its team through a replacement. For example, a fast-bowling player must replace a fast-bowling player, except when the team has only batting tickets left, where a spinning player of similar batting ability would be considered a peer-to-peer replacement. The match referee may impose restrictions on the role a substitute may play. For example, if an all-terrain supersedes replaces a batter on the side, a replacement will not be allowed a bowl.

Decision review system

DRS will be mandatory for all matches.

The Final

The World Test Championship final will be played from 10 to 14 June 2021, with a reserve day available. If the final is tied, the title will be shared.

The final playing conditions of the World Test Championship will be announced in early 2021.

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