ICC Might Be Looking to Ban South African Cricket

ICC to Ban South African Cricket Due to South African Government Involvement in the Board 

The government should not interfere directly in it. But now the situation is reversed in South Africa. There is now a risk that the ICC will ban the South African cricket team if the South African cricket administration’s decisions are handled directly by the government.

According to the rules of the ICC Cricket Council, any cricket council must be a private body. For example, in India’s case, the cricket board under each country, such as the BCCI and the UK Cricket Board, must be privately owned.

At a meeting on Saturday, April 17, the 14-member council was expected to approve a new memorandum. It is also offered to an independent leader and a majority of independent directors. It was mentioned that the minister could directly intervene in the cricket board if the 14-member panel gets more than 75 percent of the votes. But only 6 people voted in favor of it. Five were against it and three abstained.

On Sunday, April 18, South Africa’s Sports Minister Nadi Medvedev said she had ‘no choice but to get involved in the activities of Cricket South Africa (CSA). He did not explicitly say that CSA members did not vote properly. Earlier, Tewa said the council and the interim board had signed an agreement. Failure to recognize the agreement can only be described as “acting in bad faith.” The agreement was reached a week after negotiations between the interim board and the council, which was appointed last October.

According to the report, “next week the minister will take the necessary steps to exercise his rights based on legal recommendations.” Under South Africa’s Sports and Entertainment Act, the Minister has the right to intervene in any dispute, mismanagement, or other related matters, which would defame a sport, but under this Act, the Minister of Sports has the power to revoke the CSA’s authority to administer sports in the country.

South Africa, recently, played in the ODI and T20 series against Pakistan in its home country. They lost the ODI series 1-2 and the T20 series 1-3 to Pakistan. It is noteworthy that the South African team, which had earlier toured Pakistan in 2021, missed out on the Test and T20 series.