ICC Hall of Fame from Pune Orphanage

ICC Hall of Fame from Pune Orphanage

There is a long story behind every success story. This is especially true for most athletes. Many players have grown up in a very ordinary environment and made their place in the face of all adversity.

One such player is Lisa Sthalekar, a former all-rounder of the Australian women’s team. Lisa has recently been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame a journey from Pune Orphanage to the ICC Hall of Fame. The story of her life is as inspiring as his achievements.

When Lisa Sthalekar’s foster parents adopted her in 1986, she was only 3 weeks old. Lisa was adopted by a couple from an orphanage in Pune. Lisa Sthalekar is an Indian by birth. Her name was Laila. Unable to meet his alimony expenses, his parents sent her to an orphanage.

A couple from the United States came to adopt a boy. However, they adopted Lisa because they liked her. And take the United States with them. After living in the United States and Kenya for 4 years, Lisa Sthalekar’s foster parents settled in Australia. That’s where the opportunity to become a cricketer comes in front of Lisa.

From 2001 to 2013, Lisa Sthalekar played 6 Tests, 125 ODIs, and 54 T20s for the Australian women’s team. She scored 418, 226, and 69 runs respectively. She took 23, 146, and 60 wickets in three formats with the ball. In women’s cricket, Lisa Sthalekar is the first all-rounder to score 1000 runs and 100 wickets in ODIs.

Lisa credits her foster father for introducing her to cricket. Lisa told The Print, ‘My dad loved the game and I played a lot with him in the backyard. I loved the game when I was 8-9 years old.

According to a report in The Guardian, Lisa visited the Pune Orphanage in 2012, where her life changed. Lisa also wrote about her mental exhaustion in her book ‘Shaker’. Show Lisa as the reason why this story inspires someone.

Lisa said, ‘It’s hard to discuss a very personal matter in your own life. Although I think if anyone else who reads it feels the same way he will think he is not alone. Besides, the lessons I have learned from life can be instructive for others. ‘