ICC Found No Evidence of Match Fixing in Al Jazeera's Allegations

ICC Found No Evidence of Match Fixing in Al Jazeera’s Allegations

Qatar’s Al Jazeera has published a documentary on the 2016 match between India and England against Australia, entitled ‘Cricket Match Fixers’. However, after a lengthy investigation, the International Cricket Council ICC found no evidence of match-fixing in Al-Jazeera’s Allegations.

The ICC said in a press release on Monday (May 18). They say the ICC’s anti-corruption unit, Aksu, has completed its investigation following Al Jazeera’s report.

Aksu launched an investigation into three issues: the allegations made in the documentary, the names of those involved in the fixing, and how the evidence was collected in the documentary. However, it was not possible to prove it.

The documentary claimed that two matches were fixed. The two matches are – the match between India and England in Chennai in 2016 and a match between India and Australia in Ranchi in 2016.

The ICC has tested those two matches with four cricket betting specialists. They did not find any fixing situation in the match. Experts said that the fixing in those two matches has been talked about depending on the whole estimate. Fixing did not seem possible in any of the two matches.

Five people at the Al Jazeera event were also confronted by the ICC. However, the ICC said there was not enough evidence against them.

“We welcome such reports on cricket,” ICC general manager Alex Marshall said in a statement. There is no place for such corruption in cricket. However, it was not possible to take any action against the accused as there was not enough evidence against them. The matter has been investigated by four independent cricket experts.

He added, ‘The behavior of the people in the documentary seemed a bit different. However, it became almost impossible to evaluate their conversation here. No action has been taken against them under the ICC’s anti-corruption unit.

Alex Marshall said the matter would be re-investigated if such allegations were made against them in the future. However, the ICC has announced that the investigation is over at the moment.