ian Botham on Ben Stokes

Ian Botham Praise Ben Stokes By Calling Him is the ‘Special One’ for England Cricket.

The accolades continue to come for Ben Stokes after his astonishing match-winning innings in the third Ash Test against Australia with icon Ian Botham praise the English cricketer Stokes Saying him a Special One.

Until Stokes lit up With Headingley on Sunday with his 135 saviour runs, Botham’s 149-runs that did not come out in the second inning of the 1981 Test against the Australians had been the benchmark.

A total of 28 years later, Ben Stoke’s undefeated coup secured England an unlikely win of a wicket in the third Test and the process kept the ashes alive by levelling the series at 1-1.

Ian Botham, who is chairman of Durham, where Stokes plays county cricket, told the Daily Telegraph that Stokes’ bold performance against wind and tide had earned him the unique nickname.

-“Botham on Stokes”-

“He’s the “Special,” and I intend to call him that for the rest of his career.” “Stokes wants to be the best, and He wants to be in the oven.

“He wants to be in the hottest place in the kitchen, and he wants to face everyone. That’s his character.

Botham’s innings in 1981 after England had to continue transformed the outcome of the match and changed the rest of the legendary SUV’s life.

Moreover, Botham said that It changed my life overnight, and I think Ben’s life will be the same now. He won’t have a private experience. You have to get used to that and family too.

“Publicly owned, but it’s a great place to be long term. stokes prepare it for life.

“It will reap the rewards it deserves and is now a global box office attraction.”

– “The Best Events” –

Stokes, writing in the Daily Mirror, said he doesn’t expect life outside of sport to change too much, saying that his wife Clare, a schoolteacher, and two sons, Layton and their four-year-old daughter Libby, are their son. Rock.

“Clare has been brilliant and so supportive over the years,” said the 28-year-old All-rounder Player, who was born in New Zealand but moved to England at age 12.

“Getting home with Clare and the family whenever I can is very important to me, and now that this game is done, I can’t wait to be back home for five days and mow the lawn.

“I love playing cricket, but you need to be able to escape the game, and that’s where your home and family keep you on the ground.”

Botham, who also contributed six wickets in the Australians’ first innings in the 1981 and half-century Trial in England’s terrible first innings, would not compare his performances to those of Stokes.

“I don’t compare the two inputs,” Botham said.

“There were different circumstances, different conditions, and a different field.

“I was delighted to have witnessed one of the best events in the history of cricket.”


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