Gambhir Urges BCCI to Retire Number 12 Jersey

Gambhir Urges BCCI to Retire Number 12 Jersey

Gautam Gambhir has urges the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) to retire number 12 jersey in tribute to Yuvraj Singh, who has just retired from international cricket. Gambhir recently wrote that September still has a special place in his heart, as it was during this month, 12 years ago, that India won its first Cricket World Cup since the Kapil Devils accomplished their feat in1983.

On September 24, 2007, India beat its great rival, Pakistan, by five runs in the final of the first T20 World Cup, under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Gambhir scored 75 runs in this final with only 54 balls – the highest of the match. Yuvraj, too, had a world beat moment in the same tournament when he broke six-sixes in one in over of the match against England.

“September, on the other hand, has special emotions for me. This month in 2007 India won the ICC T20 World Cup. Just for the performances of this tournament and the 2011 World Cup, I strongly encourage BCCI to remove its number 12 jersey that it was wearing. It will be an appropriate tribute to a unique cricketer in his life”.

Yuvraj Singh scored 148 runs in five innings at an impressive strike rate of 195. Gambhir himself scored 227 runs in this edition, including three fifties, and was the second-fastest after Australia’s Matthew Hayden. “Overall, our victory demonstrated how ‘keep things simple’ works. Maybe playing the first T20 World Cup worked for us,” added Gambhir.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen. Therefore, rather than worrying about the future, we focused on the next ball. I remember asking my dear friend Yuvraj the secret to hitting those six-sixes against England. Prince – as I affectionately call him – said: “Gauti ya buses ho Gaya (it happened), I never planned. What Yuvraj says is that he kept things simple. He beat the clear mind,” he added in his column.

“Congratulations Prince – YUVSTRONG12 for this great career. You were the best white-ball cricketer in India. @BCCI should remove his number 12 jersey to pay tribute to your career. I wish I could beat the champion #Yuvrajsinghretires #ThankYouYuvraj #ThankYouYuvi like you,” Gambhir wrote earlier in his Twitter post.

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