Foxtel & Kayo TV Telecast T20 World Cup 2021 Live Streaming in Australia

Foxtel and Kayo TV Telecast T20 World Cup 2021 Live Streaming in Australia

Foxtel and Kayo TV telecast the T20 World Cup 2021 matches live streaming in Australia. According to the authorities of the two channels, if you want to watch the match live in the World Cup, you have to pay a subscription fee. However, the amount of the subscription fee was not disclosed.

The T20 World Cup is starting from October 16 (Sunday) in the United Arab Emirates. Cricket Australia is considered to be one of the favorites in this year’s World Cup in the smallest and most popular format of cricket. However, the bad news was given to Australian fans in their own country.

Five-time World Cup champions Australia. However, they have not tasted a title in the last six editions of the T20 World Cup. The idea is that this time Australia can sort out the regrets of the title. However, the fans are not able to show the game for free.

The announcement was made on the Cricket Australia website on Friday (October 6). It is said that Foxtel and Kayo TV channels will broadcast all the 45 matches of the two World Cups. However, the subscription will be shown on the broadcast service. There will be no free-to-air telecast at the World Cup.

Foxtel has a broadcasting right with Cricket Australia until 2023. In other words, after the T20 World Cup in their own country in 2022, during the ODI World Cup in India, Foxtel will also have the ownership of the broadcasting rights. Cricket Australia says those two World Cups may not have free telecasts either. You have to watch the match with the same money as in the UAE World Cup.

Although there is no free viewing on Foxtel’s broadcast, the ‘Kayo’ TV channel has made the subscription free for the first 14 days. At this time, of course, there are the matches of the Australian Super Twelve. However, after 14 days will not be seen for free.

The same thing happened in Australia during the 2010 West Indies T20 World Cup. Besides, none of the country’s TV channels have aired the matches of Australia live streaming who came to Bangladesh to play the T20 series recently. Fans, including former Australian players, were outraged at the time, therefore Foxtel and Kayo TV telecast T20 World Cup 2021 Live in Australia.


Australia match schedule for T20 World Cup


  • October 23: Australia vs South Africa
  • October 26: Qualifier A-1 vs Australia
  •  October 30: England vs Australia
  • November 4: Qualifier B-2 vs Australia
  • November 6: West Indies vs Australia