Former Pakistani Pacer Jalaluddin Criticize the PCB Hiring Process

Former Pakistani Pacer Jalaluddin Criticize PCB Hiring Process

Pakistan’s former fast bowling pacer Jalaluddin criticize the recruitment Hiring process of the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB, after being ignored for the role of a bowling coach.

While talking to Express-News, the former player expressed disappointment at being unselected for the interview despite applying for the job.

-Jalaluddin on PCB-

I had applied for the bowling coaching position and was qualified for the position as I met all the requirements. I was sure the PCB would consider my name, but surprisingly I didn’t get any response from the board

The 60-year-old, Jalaluddin believes the PCB did not handle the process professionally.

-Jalaluddin Criticized PCB-

It’s the board’s prerogative to select whomever they want. However, they must report the reasons for a person’s non-selection so that they can work on these aspects and apply next time as an improved candidate.

They should have called all the candidates for an interview and then made a decision based on the applicant’s abilities and qualifications.

Jalaluddin also advised the board not to reject local coaches for essential roles.

It is disappointing that the PCB is ignoring local coaches who received training under the board umbrella, as it would discourage people looking to take training as a profession in Pakistan.

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