Ben Stokes to lead England in the first test England Vs West Indies 2020

Ben Stokes to lead England in the first test England Vs West Indies 2020

International cricket is going to return to the field after about 4 months 1st test England vs West Indies 2020. When the West Indies and England captains come down to toss in Southampton, it will definitely be a part of history. England’s regular Test captain Joe Root is going to miss the first international match after Corona.

The decision to have his second child on earth is a decision he wants to make with his wife. In his absence, co-captain Ben Stokes will take the toss with Caribbean captain Jason Holder. Stokes, who is leaving England for the first time in Tests, has received a message on how to handle the team.

Which is what regular captain Joe Root gave to the English all-rounder. Hanging on the hanger of the blazer set for the captain for Stokes. Joe Root, who has led England to 39 Tests and won 20 of them, says Stokes should lead the team in his own way.

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“I got my best message in a blazer after the photo session yesterday,” Ben Stokes told the English media. Root just wrote a message in the hangar, which was – it’s (captaincy) you handle it on your own. ‘

Stokes thinks he will get root help if he is not with the team. The 29-year-old all-rounder said: “Just because Root isn’t here doesn’t mean I won’t use him. He should be allowed to handle the current situation of Root and his family.

‘I may not have been with him very long. But it is certain that when the Test match starts I know one thing he will sit at home and watch. And his phone will always be open for me. So that I can contact him in any need.