Fierce dispute between Aamir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad

The fierce dispute between Aamir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad

In every match between India and Pakistan (India vs Pakistan) in the World Cup (ICC Cricket World Cup), in every match, the Indian team has shared the victory. But all this victory is not very easy. Almost all the matches have been high voltage. During each match, both teams and fans from both countries are out of breath. During the match, additional pressure comes on the players.

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Because of this, there is also a dispute between the players of both teams under stress and heat. One of those matches was played between India and Pakistan at the 1996 World Cup (ICC Cricket World Cup 1996). In this match, there was a fierce dispute between Aamir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad, which is still under discussion between cricket lovers and veterans. Speaking of which, a few days ago, Pakistan veteran Waqar Younis said he himself was surprised to see Sohail’s behavior in that match. Now, Venkatesh Prasad’s statement has also come on this subject as to exactly what happened that day.

Revealed in a conversation with Ashwin

In that match, in Venkatesh Prasad’s ball coverage area, Aamir Sohail struck with four fingers and signaled to the bowler that he was going to hit the limit on the next ball, but was unable to do so. On his next ball, Venkatesh threw Aamir Sohail. Speaking on a YouTube show with Ravichandran Ashwin, Venkatesh said, recalling the day that it really was like a slap in the face. Venkatesh Prasad said he did not expect a limit from Aamir Sohail on the first ball. Venkatesh said Sohail, after putting the limit on his ball, showed his bat and finger and pointed to the limit and said he would put the limit back on the next ball. Venkatesh said that he only heard Sohail and came back saying a few words. After Saeed Anwar was fired by 48, Sohail also threw the next ball.


Aamir Sohail was very on a pace that day

Aamir said that this high-voltage match was being played between 35,000 people. Before this incident, he was standing on the borderline. He was watching. Aamir was furious. It was seen at full speed. It seemed that if he stays in the wicket, the match will end in 45 overs. Venkatesh said he was looking at the audience then. They could not believe what was happening.

I kept calm

Venkatesh said that you have to stay calm at that time. This is to make sure you are in the match and you can do well. Venkatesh said that when he returned after eating the choke, many thoughts came to him. He wondered what he had practiced all his life. After this, he perked up. He kept his freshness, which he could not keep on the previous ball. Let us know that Pakistan lost this match by 39 runs to India.