KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty Affaird

Fashion Designer Vikram Phadnis Teases Athiya Shetty in the name of KL Rahul

Team India’s elegant batsman KL Rahul is in the news these days about the news of his love story. The Indian Fashion Designer Vikram Phadnis comment on Athiya Shetty Instagram Post and Teases Athiya in the name of KL Rahul for which Athiya gives an answer.

The name KL Rahul associated with actress Nidhi Aggarwal, actress Athiya Shetty, and Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor. However, KL Rahul has made it clear about Nidhi Agarwal that she is just a good friend of hers.

Rahul or both actresses have no explanation for Athiya Shetty and Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor. Discussions about KL Rahul and Alia Bhatti’s best friend aspirations are hot, but a comment by fashion designer Vikram Phadnis on Aathiya Shetty post has given a new twist to KL Rahul’s ‘Love Story.’

-Vikram Phadnis on Athiya Shetty Instagram Post-

Athiya Shetty shared a post on her official Instagram. In this post, it was written: “Trust at the time of your life.” Trust the time of your life. On this, Vikram Phadnis made such a comment, after which Aathia’s name is once again linked to cricketer KL Rahul.

Let me tell you that KL Rahul’s name was also related to Aathia Shetty, but after the news with Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor, this matter went cold, but now after the comment of Vikram Phadnis, KL Rahul and the Aathia Shetty affair The news has re-emerged. Momentum achieved.

Vikram Phadnis commented on Athiya Shetty’s publication. He wrote: lets KL ??? Kuala Lumpur. “Along with that, he also produced emojis. Vikram had just written KL in this post, but to this comment by Vikram, Aathiya replied: ” It’s time to block you. “In response, Vikram wrote:” I will complain to the referee, and once the wicket falls, the pavilion will have to  return.” After these reviews from Vikram, fans turned to KL lavish Rahul and Aathia Shetty. K is.


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Vikram Phadnis comment on Athiya Shetty

Let me tell you that in recent news with Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor, KL Rahul said that he has no information on such reports. Lokesh Rahul had said, “Oh, this kind of news written, but I don’t read newspapers.” Then I don’t know what’s being written about me. I keep my personal life private. I don’t make this a matter of public conversation. My commitment right now is cricket. “When asked if he was single, he played defensive shots, ” I don’t know. When I find out, I’ll tell you, too. ”

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