Fans Who Booed Steve Smith Are Not Cricket Lovers

Fans Who Booed Steve Smith Are Not Cricket Lovers

Former Australian skipper Steve Smith was hit in the head on the fourth day of the second Ashes Test against England at Lord’s in London. English fans who are well known for playing hard-fought Australian cricket booed Smith as he tried to cope with the injury. This fan behavior has drawn widespread criticism and former Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson has said that the fans who booed Steve Smith are not cricket fans.

Steve Smith made a heroic comeback at the Cricket Test. Scoring two centuries in a row in the first Test and helping his team take a decisive 1-0 lead in the five-game series “Ashes”. Smith was ready for a tougher battle this time with rookie Jofra Archer running and aiming for his body with deadly bouncers. The drama unfolded after lunch when Smith was shot in the forearm. He had a very bad arm but decided to keep a bat.

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Ten Overs later, another Jofra Archer’s destructive bouncer caught Steve Smith off guard. The Australian batsmen looked down nearly 150 km/h that hit him in the bottom of the helmet. He immediately fell to the ground and took off his helmet. As the English crowd spread his anger at the Australian Batsmen by booing him. Mitchell Johnson, also known for his fiery bouncers, has criticized English fans, saying they are not cricket lovers. The former cricketer also said it was disappointing to see fans behaving in this way during these serious moments.

“One of the biggest disappointments for me was the crowd and I’m not saying it was the whole crowd. But there were a few boos you could hear at the microphone”. “You can boo him when he gets to the start of the innings. But seeing him get booed when he came back after being hit by Archer, it was disappointing. The fans who booed Smith are not cricket fans, in my opinion”.