England Won the World Cup While New Zealand Won the Hearts

England Won the World Cup While New Zealand Won the Hearts

After losing the title to England in a close encounter at Lord’s on Sunday, James Neesham, a versatile Kiwi player, took to Twitter to express his grief. In a series of tweets, he explained his feelings for the last moment of the match. Aside from the loss, Jimmy had a fantastic day on the field, both with the bat and the ball. He scored 19 points on 25 balls in the New Zealand inning, while he picked up three wickets in his seven runs in the second half of the game.

For the Super Over, Jimmy was sent to open the innings for New Zealand and he almost brought the team to the finish line, scoring 13 points on 5 balls. The Super Over ended in a draw against England, who won the match because of the increased number of limits.

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In his first tweet, Jimmy congratulated the England team: “It hurts. Let’s hope there’s a day or two leftovers the next decade without me thinking about that last half hour. Congratulations England, well deserved. ” In his other tweet, Jimmy was heartbroken because he suggested that children not play sports, but rather “cook or something.” “Children, don’t play sports. Take the cooking or something. Dying at 60 really fat and happy. “

Laxman VVS Said in a Tweet

Jimmy Neesham was thinking of leaving cricket a year ago and almost won the World Cup for his country today. Ben Stokes, after what happened in the T20 WC final in 2016 has now won the match for his country today. Sports lesson teaches us that Never give up and keep dreaming as we have seen in the Final of the World Cup 2019.

Melinda Farrell Said in a Tweet

You have inspired many children today and every day of this toilet. It must really suck and little consolation, but you’ve won a lot of hearts.