England forced Pakistan to follow on in the 3rd Test 2020

England forced Pakistan to follow on in the 3rd Test 2020

Pakistan could not light the lamp of hope even on the third day of the last Test. Home bowler Anderson has destroyed the opponent’s batting line-up. After batting at the end of the second day, Pakistan failed to take advantage of the third day. England forced Pakistan to follow on in the 3rd Test 2020.

Pakistan lost 3 wickets for 24 runs and ended the second day with pressure. That pressure is revealed by going down to bat. To add 6 runs, Anderson’s target found the way in the 5th ball of the over. Asad Shafiq got out with a catch in Root’s hand. At the beginning of the third day, the pressure increased even more.

Azhar Ali, who remained steadfast at one end, handled some setbacks with Fawad Alam. Made a pair of about half a hundred runs. That’s when Fawad Alam, who got a chance in Pakistan’s Test XI after more than a decade, succumbed to Dominic Base’s spin attack. The wicket-keeper did not make a mistake in capturing the ball on the edge of the bat. As a result, Fawad Alam made his way to the pavilion with 21 runs.

Azhar Ali, the captain of Pakistan, lost 5 wickets for 75 runs in such a difficult time. He was accompanied by Mohammad Rizwan. Both settled for wickets. Anderson Magic also stopped working.

Azhar-Rizwan relieved the pressure by losing 5 wickets before touching 3 numbers. The two crossed 200 together. Mohammad Rizwan picked up a half-century. Shortly afterwards, Azhar Ali, the 17th century of his Test career, hit 4 off Dominic Beaz. He was giving a hint of something good. That’s when Ux broke Rizwan’s 137-run stand.

After that, no batsman could stand in front of Anderson-Broad. Azhar Ali was steadfast at one end. The visitors lost wickets at regular intervals and were reduced to 263 runs. The umpire announced the end of the third day before England batted. Jack Crowley’s monstrous innings are 3 runs ahead.

Azhar Ali remained unbeaten on 141 runs for Pakistan. Mohammad Rizwan’s 53-run innings is the second highest. James Anderson has taken 5 wickets for England alone. Stuart Broad took 2 wickets. Dominic Base took 1 wicket at Chris Oaks. England will bat on the 4th day from 310 runs ahead. Until now, the match is in the possession of the hosts. Pakistan is a lot out of the match.

The cum story can start with a bowling line-up at the beginning of the day. However, the responsibility will be on the batsmen a little more. If no comeback story is written, Pakistan will not be undefeated for a long time.