England and Australian cricketers are getting special benefits in IPL 2020

England and Australian cricketers are getting special benefits in IPL 2020

England and Australian cricketers are getting ‘special benefits’ in Indian Premier League cricket IPL 2020. While there is a mandatory quarantine for other cricketers, Aussie and English cricketers do not have to quarantine when they arrive in the UAE.

Earlier, the BCCI had said that cricketers of all franchises would have to undergo a mandatory seven-day quarantine while visiting the venue of the IPL in the United Arab Emirates. But cricketers from England and Australia are busy playing the series and will not be able to come to the UAE earlier.

That is why BCCI is not making quarantine compulsory for cricketers of these two countries. They can come in one plane and join the team directly. Can play the opening match of their respective franchises. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has developed a special health code called the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to protect cricketers and officials from coronavirus infection.

However, this SOP system will not be effective for English and Aussie cricketers. Cricketers from other countries, including India, must adhere to the BCCI’s system to prevent corona. These two rules have come as a surprise to cricketers in one tournament.

The thirteenth edition of the IPL will start on September 19 in the United Arab Emirates. Cricketers going to play in the IPL will have to take Corona Tests from time to time. You have to take the Corona Tagged Certificate from your respective country. There will be two more corona tests on him in the UAE. Cricketers will be able to join the team in practice if they get a negative certificate. Several franchises have already arrived in the desert town for the Quarantine and Corona Tests.

Sanjeev Churiwala, chairman of Royal Challengers Bangalore, said, “The UAE players from England and Australia do not have to be in the quarantine for seven days to enter the bubble of the tournament.”

Sanjeev Churiwala added, “If they are in that bio-bubble and we can send a chartered plane, they are just as safe as any other player. After getting off the plane, they have to follow the procedure of the Covid-19 test. There will be no compromise on security.