ECB to deliver the best IPL 2020 possible

ECB to deliver the best IPL 2020 possible

The Emirates Cricket Board ECB hopes to deliver the best Indian Premier League IPL 2020 possible in the United Arab Emirates without any technical issues. This year’s BCCI partner meeting on IPL 2020 has already started preparing for IPL 2020. In an interview with Gulf News, the ECB secretary-general said coordination with all government agencies at the local level has already begun.

“We have started coordinating with various government departments, as well as the three sports councils (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah) to get things going,” commented Mubashshir Usmani, Secretary-General of the ECB.

Speaking to Gulf News in an exclusive chat, Usmani said that they are in contact with the Ministry of Health to implement the protocols that the UAE government may try to exercise for teams, BCCI officials, television teams, and media from communication. “We will try to speed up the departure of the teams upon arrival at the airport after the PCR tests. Then each team will be served by their respective logistics teams. Usmani said.

Earlier, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan stated on Tuesday: “We feel extremely privileged to host what could be considered the pinnacle event of our favorite sport. The magnitude of being in a position to bring the IPL to the vast global cricket-loving community, during current events that have had a great impact on our daily lives, is something we take with great importance. U.S

When asked about the controversial issue of entry to stadiums, Usmani said: “We are talking to the UAE government and we also need to assess BCCI’s position on the issue. Nothing has been officially decided on the matter ”.

The ECB is now awaiting the visit of the BCCI team to the United Arab Emirates. As InsideSport reported on Monday, the BCCI delegation will depart for the UAE on August 22. The Indian board will set up its office in the UAE for the next 90 days and will also host the venues, hotels and meet with the key authorities of the UAE government.

The UAE IPL begins on September 19, which is now less than 6. The BCCI team traveling to the UAE will have a lot on their plate as far as finalizing the 2020 IPL operational plans as regards.

– Meeting with Emirates Cricket Board on operational plans

– Meeting with several key ministry officials in the UAE

– Meeting with the officials of the Indian embassy in UAE

– Establishment of BCCI office for IPL 2020 operations in Dubai

– Completion of the schedule for IPL 2020

– Visit the IPL 2020 venues in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

– Evaluation of health security protocols

– First-hand experience of the BIO-BUBBLE for the IPL 2020

InsideSport also learned that the 6-8 member BCCI staff team will be operating from Dubai after the installation of the BCCI office locally. And in all likelihood, BCCI Acting CEO Hemang Amin will lead the operations of the IPL 2020 team from Dubai.

IPL 2020: the best BCCI team will go to the UAE, franchise representatives, and broadcasters who will probably accompany the BCCI team

It is also likely that the top franchise officials and the Star India broadcaster representative will travel on the same dates as the BCCI team to receive the UAE facilities and venues.

Meanwhile, as reported Monday, most of the franchises with their full squads are also scheduled to move to the United Arab Emirates before the fourth week of August.