Dropped despite passing Yo-Yo test was unfair, Says Yuvraj Singh

Dropped despite passing Yo-Yo test was unfair, Says Yuvraj Singh

India’s ex-All-rounder, Yuvraj Singh, said he was not elected to the Indian team in 2017 despite passing the mandatory yo-yo test.

Yuvraj, player of the World Cup tournament in India in 2011, dropped after the tour of the West Indies in 2017 after enduring a slim patch. Earlier this year, the famous lefty who also played a crucial role in India by winning the inaugural World T20 in 2007 asked for time in his career.

“I never thought I’d be dropped after being the man of the game in two of the 8-9 games I played after the Champions Trophy 2017.”

“I was injured and told to prepare for the Sri Lankan series. Then, all of a sudden, the yoyo test came on the scene. It was a change of direction in my selection. Suddenly I had to go back and prepare for the yo-yo test at the age of 36.

“Even after passing the yoyo exam, I was told to play domestic cricket. They thought I couldn’t eliminate the test because of my age. And that it would be easy to reject me afterwards … “Yes, you can say it was an exercise to make excuses,” Aaj Tak said quoting Yuvraj.

Yuvraj, who played 304 ODI and 58 T20 for India scoring 8,701 and 1,177 runs respectively, crashed a 150 out of 127 balls in an ODI series at home against England at Cuttack in January 2017 and then played the Champions Trophy after entering and leaving the side.

At the Champions Trophy, Yuvraj achieved 105 runs in four innings at an average of 35.00. He was included in the West Indies tour team after the Champions Trophy, but his poor shows also forced the selectors to abandon him.

Yuvraj said he never informed that he would be dropped and that the way he was done hurt him.

“I think it was unfortunate for a boy who played 15-17 years of international cricket not to force to sit and talk. No one told me, and no one told Virender Sehwag or Zaheer Khan.”

“Whatever the player is, the person in charge should sit down and talk to the player who is looking at the young people and who have taken this step. This way, you feel bad at first, but at least you give them the credit of being right to their face, which doesn’t happen in Indian cricket.

“It’s been like this almost forever. I’ve seen it go by with big names. I took it personally at that time, but not now, as there is a time for everything to move forward and I have made peace with it,” Yuvraj said.

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