Did You Know How Pat Cummins Lost a Part of His Middle Finger

Pat Cummins has been in sparkling form in the current 2019 Ashes Test Series, where the visiting team leads by 2-1 with one more game to play. While Steve Smith was at the head of the strike unit, it was Cummins carrying the bowling bag on his shoulders. But Did you know that Pat Cummins lost part of his middle finger when he was little?

Pat Cummins lost part of his middle finger when he was just three years old. Cummin’s sister accidentally slammed the door on his finger. It took about an inch to the injured middle finger. If you look closely at its middle finger, it is the same size as that of its index finger.

Pat Cummins, in one of his previous interviews, talked about the incident. The 27-year-old fast bowler said it didn’t affect him much. Cummins also jokingly revealed that he made his sister cry every time he talked about the incident.

“It doesn’t concern me because the affected finger is about the same length as the other (index)” Cummins said on the eve of his international debut.

Pat Cummins has claimed 24 wickets in the ash tests series 2019 this year so far. He is also part of the final event that will start on September 12 (Thursday) at the oval. However, he is likely to rest from the fifth test, given the playing time he has had recently.

Besides, Cummins is currently the best test bowling player in the ICC rankings. He hopes to build on this momentum in the coming days and bring new distinctions to Australia.