Did a lot of planning on David Warner, Says Stuart Broad

Did a lot of planning on David Warner, Says Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad emerged as the leading wicket-taker of the 2019 Ashes with 23 wickets, but perhaps what he remembers most about the series is how he got David Warner in the five Ashes Test Matches for seven times.

Broad dismissed Warner seven times in the series when the Australian opening batsmen endured a horror run, achieving only 95 10-inning runs with a lousy average of 9.50, with a high score of 61 in Leeds. This included three ducks in a row, summarizing a forgettable series for the 32-year-old. This was Warner’s return to Ashes cricket since he suspended by the ball-tampering scandal in 2018 and Broad explained how he had done his homework in Australia’s first match.

“I had the extra responsibility to try to get your big players out, and that’s why I planned a lot on David Warner,” Broad said. “I never dreamed I’d have the success against him that I’ve had, but of course that’s just in this series.

“If we put our numbers together over the course of our careers, how much we’ve played against each other, I think they’d be pretty even. He’s outdone me in much series, but this time, he goes my way.”

Broad went on to explain how Steve Smith’s prolific career proved to be the difference between the two parties. The former Australian captain won 774 staggering races, despite missing the third test. However, England managed to retreat, styling the series with victories in Leeds and the Oval.

“They had a batter who was 15 out of 10, and we haven’t had that, which has been a big difference,” Broad said. “We would have liked to win the series, but if we sat down in a week without the excitement, it’s probably the right result.”

Broad went on to say that he has much more to offer. He left out of England’s tour of Sri Lanka last year and the West Insdels in early 2019, leading to speculation about his future, but in the absence of James Anderson, Broad led the attack rigorously.

“I’m thrilled with how it’s gone this summer. I’ve no longer mentioned as a declining cricketer who has become a reinvented cricketer with more to offer,” he said.

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