Dhoni will be seen in the role of coach

Dhoni will be seen in the role of coach

MS Dhoni, India’s all-time best captain, said goodbye to international cricket in an Instagram message on the eve of India’s Independence Day on August 15. The whole cricket world came to a standstill with the announcement of Dhoni’s retirement.

Many may have thought that Dhoni would say goodbye to cricket as soon as he played in the T20 World Cup. But MS may not have wanted to delay as the T20 World Cup has been postponed.

Will Dhoni be associated with cricket in the future? Such is the question of all cricket fans in the world. Many are saying that Dhoni may not be seen in cricket anymore. However, a close friend of Dhoni said that he will be seen in the role of the coach in the future.

Former Indian cricketer and coach and close friend of MS Dhoni Shiv Shankar Pal was a guest on the regular live chat on the country’s popular cricket-based portal NewsCricket24.com. In response to a question from the host, Dhoni’s friend said, ‘We will definitely see Dhoni in coaching. And I believe it.

Dhoni has already done academy in his own name and spends his leisure time in the academy. And I think the man who understands cricket so well, who stands behind the stamp and understands everything well, will definitely play the role of the coach in the future. When I talk to Dhoni about him, I can understand that he wants to give a lot more to cricket.

Cricket fans will be relieved by Shiv Shankar Pal’s words. Anyone who wants to coach a cricketer like MS Dhoni as a coach.