Dhoni Want to Spend some time with Indian Army

Dhoni Want to Spend some time with Indian Army

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has withdrawn from the upcoming West Indies tour, as reported by the BCCI official. Dhoni decided to spend the next two months with his army troops. MSD holds an honorary position as lieutenant-colonel in the Indian Parachute Regiment.

On Sunday, a BCCI official said: “Dhoni has made himself unavailable for the Caribbean tour, as he will spend two months with his paramilitary regiment.” Dhoni had also asked the Indian army to let him train with the Territorial Army Battalion of the Parachute Regiment for the next two months.

“The request has now been approved by the head of the Indian Army, General Bipin Rawat, and the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel would train with the Parachute Regiment Battalion,” senior army sources told the ANI. The goalkeeper-drummer-drummer would now train with the Parachute Regiment, some of which is expected to take place in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the army will not allow Dhoni to take part in ongoing operations, sources said. Dhoni has previously undergone military training. He trained with special forces in Agra in 2015. He made five jumps to become a paratrooper. His last jump came from an AN-32 carrier plane recorded at more than 1,200 feet.


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