David Malan Scores Fastest 1000 Runs in T20 International Cricket

David Malan Breaks Babar Azam’s Record To Score Fastest 1000 Runs in T20 Cricket

David Malan Surpasses Babar Azam to score the fastest 1000 runs in the International T20  cricket history. Malan made the feat in the fifth and final Twenty20 of the series against India in Ahmedabad on Saturday. The English batsman has broken the record of Pakistan captain Babar Azam.

Malan needed 65 runs to reach the milestone. Chasing the target of 225 runs in the 13th over, Bhubaneswar Kumar completed one thousand runs with one run. This batsman, who is at the top of the T20 rankings, started scoring a thousand runs in 24 innings. Babur set the record in 26 innings.

Malan rose to the top of the rankings last year after removing Babur. This time in another place, he left behind the Pakistani batsman. However, after setting the record, Malan did not last long. He hit two sixes and four fours in 46 balls for 7 runs. When he returned, his run was 1 thousand 3.

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