CPL 2021 to Feature New Kookaburra Smart Cricket Ball

CPL 2021 to Feature New Kookaburra Smart Cricket Ball Made with New Modern Technology 

There have been many changes since the beginning of cricket. As the rules have changed, so have the new formats. Moreover, modern technology is being used in cricket to keep pace with the times. This time, cricket fans are going to see the use of another smart cricket ball developed with new technology in the Caribbean Premier League CPL 2021.

A new type of smart ball will be used in this year’s edition of CPL which will start from 26th August. Sporting equipment manufacturer Kokabura has brought this ball to the market. Although it looks exactly like a cricket ball, it will have a microchip that will allow you to get more accurate information quickly and accurately.

With this new ball, it will be possible to find out the speed, distance, power and how much spin is going on when the ball is released, how long it is taking to reach the keeper. Moreover, the information obtained from this smart ball can also be sent to the smartwatch.

The West Indies Cricket Board said in a statement that Kokabura’s smart ball looked like a normal ball. There is no difference in the behavior of this ball. Sophisticated technology has been used in the ball through which more information including ball track can be extracted quickly.

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