Chris Gayle’s Breakfast Video Went Viral

Chris Gayle’s Breakfast Video Went Viral During IPL 2021

The universe boss, Chris Gayle’s Breakfast video went viral, Punjab Kings shared Gayle’s breakfast video with the caption #UniverseBoss is just Egg-ceptional. Chris Gayle 8 started breakfast with porridge Then he picked up the omelet Put 6 pieces of watermelon with it.

The hotel staff does not find any fault in Gayle’s care Gayle himself says in the video that he is the first to go to the hotel dining room so that he can have a good breakfast. At the end of the video, ‘Universe Boss’ did not forget to thank the hotel staff.

Chris Gayle has played 6 matches in the current IPL 2021 and scores only 61 runs. After scoring 40 runs in the first match against Rajasthan Royals, he scored 10 and 11 runs in the last two matches against Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals respectively. Punjab and Sunrisers will play against Hyderabad after a while In the eight-team fight, the last two teams in the points table will play 7.

The name Chris Gayle is a Caribbean monster. Who snatched the opponent’s night’s sleep with devastating batting At 22 yards a storm arose in his name Gayle is like that but he is a very foodie For the 41-year-old Jamaican cricketer, food, drink, and music are all part of a colorful lifestyle. Did you know that Gayle woke up at seven in the morning only to have breakfast? That is what he himself is saying

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