Chris Gayle joins Bolt’s birthday party

Chris Gayle joins Bolt’s birthday party

Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter and the world’s fastest man, hosted a party on Saturday (August 21) for his 34th birthday. Where West Indies batting giant Chris Gayle joins Bolt’s birthday party. Bolt was attacked by Corona at a birthday party. However, even though Gayle joined the party, he has not been negative.

Usain Bolt has contracted the deadly coronavirus that spread on social media after a birthday party. Although there are no symptoms of corona in his body. After the news of Corona’s attack spread on social media, Bolt took the corona test sample on his own initiative and is staying at home quarantine. Where family or friends are not allowed to enter.

“Social media says I’m suffering from corona,” Bolt said in a video message on his Twitter account. Tested on Saturday. I am physically healthy. Corona has no symptoms. Yet as a responsible person I should stay away from my friends at this time, in seclusion. That’s what I’m doing. ‘

The Caribbean monster became worried when he heard the news that Bolt had been attacked by Corona. Because now if Korona is affected in any way, the game will be played from the beginning of the 13th edition of IPL. Then Gayle to test his corona. Gayle came twice negative in the test. Gayle is not barred from playing in the IPL as he did not come negative in two rounds.

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be held in the United Arab Emirates from September 19 this year. The Caribbean star will play for Kings XI Punjab.