China-Pakistan will not able to watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming

China-Pakistan will not able to watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming

The Indian Premier League (IPL), the most popular and expensive cricket league in the world, will be screened in 4 days. Due to the Corona epidemic, this year’s IPL is being held in the United Arab Emirates instead of India. This year’s IPL will be held in a stadium without spectators. As a result, TV is now the main hope of the viewers. Well, China and Pakistan is the only country that will not able to watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming.

This year’s IPL will be broadcast live in about 120 countries around the world. However, China’s name is not on this list. The killing of 20 Indian soldiers in the border clash sparked calls for an anti-China movement across India. Due to the movement, the Chinese mobile manufacturer Vivo also withdrew from the title sponsor of the tournament. As a result, the BCCI decided not to give broadcasting rights to any Chinese TV channel.

As always, Pakistani spectators will not be able to watch the IPL. The live broadcast of IPL has been stopped in Pakistan since 2009. As a result, Pakistani spectators will be deprived of this million-dollar league along with China.

Apart from India, spectators from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka will be able to watch the game through Star Sports. The channel will broadcast commentary in a total of eight languages. The languages ​​are English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali.

Fox Sports will also broadcast the IPL 2020 live in the Americas and Australia. English spectators will keep an eye on Sky Sports. The popular league will also be seen on Europe TV in North America, South Africa, and the Middle East. If all goes well, this long 53-day mega tournament will run from September 19 to November 10.