Celebrities React On ICC Rule Which Causes New Zealand to lost the CWC19 Final

Celebrities React On ICC Rule Which Causes New Zealand to lost the CWC19 Final

On Sunday, in an exciting match at Lord’s, host England won the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup title through a “limit counting” rule. Former Indian player Gautam Gambhir was not at all impressed by the rule and criticized ICC in his tweet.

The match was extended until the Super Over, the scores remained at the same level after a game of 50 overs. But as the Super Over also resulted in a tie, the winner was chosen based on the number of limits marked by each team during the match. England with 24 fours compared to the 16 borders of the NZ won the match. Here Below we have mentioned some of the tweets by celebrities that react on pathetic ICC rules.

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Gautam Gambhir Said in a Tweet

“You don’t understand how the game of this magnitude, the CWC19 Final, is finally chosen to determine who scored the most limits. A ridiculous rule by the ICC it should have been a tie. I want to congratulate New Zealand and England for playing a scathing final.

Marizanne Kapp Said in a Tweet

I couldn’t agree more… The match should have been tied. Brilliant Cricket Game CWC19Final.  Shortly after, a number of former cricketers took to Twitter to show their disappointment at the ICC’s reign.

Sanjay Manjrekar Said in a Tweet

I will remember the 2019 World Cup which had an England v New Zealand final and won England and New Zealand. Cricket Wins.

Scott Styris Said in a Tweet

Beautiful work ICC … Are you joking!!!

Michael Vaughan Said in a Tweet

Neither team deserved to lose that. What a day for cricket. That’s how it inspires a new generation of cricketers.

Stephen Holt Said in a Tweet

Well done to England, but I really don’t understand how we won the World Cup. Scores were tied with New Zealand losing fewer wickets but we’re going into a super over? The scores are tied again but England wins because? Unsatisfactory Eng vs NZL final World Cup 2019.

Majid Haq Said in a Tweet

New Zealand lost the super-final and the World Cup final due to fewer limits. Another rule that needs to change by ICC we should have had another one to decide until we get an immediate winner, although that probably never happens again.