Captain Tim Paine Bear Brunt of Aussies Ashes Frustration

Captain Tim Paine Bear Brunt of Aussies Ashes Frustration

Captain Tim Paine withstood the weight of Australian frustration on Monday by dropping the third ashes test, and former Captain Ian Chappell said he “lost his brain” in the last hour.

Justin Langer’s men came close to retaining the ashes at Headingley on Sunday, but Ben Stokes’ remarkable 135 did not see England reach an unlikely victory target of 359 with a remaining wicket.

The incredible result, after England was alone for 67 in their first innings, could have been very different.

West Indies referee Joel Wilson turned down a massive lbw appeal against Nathan Lyon’s Stokes when the game reached its peak. The replays showed that it should have come out, but Australia had no criticism.

This is because Paine used his last in a dubious lbw cry against No. 11 Jack Leach when the ball was thrown out of the leg stump.

On Channel Nine News Chappell said that

Paine seemed to be nervous in the heat of battle. When Leach was hit on the platform, clearly not by any stretch of the imagination, and the Australians reviewed it.

That was the moment when the situation came to them, and Tim Paine lost his brain. Everybody knows it’s off the leg. Why would they continue with this (the review)?

Another former Australian captain Mark Taylor, now an expert, was also baffled, saying that Paine used his reviews “frivolously”, while former great wicket player Ian Healy said he “burned a stupid review” and cost Australia the Party.

Fox Sports Australia also hit the captain, saying in a headline, “Tim Paine’s pitiful ash series reaches a new level,” while the Daily Telegraph in Sydney lamented “dropped catches, errors on the pitch, referee howls and misuse of the DRS system.”

Paine admitted after the defeat that “he had been wrong in all the revisions so far” and said he planned to put someone else in charge of the decisions in the future.

While sections of the Australian media turned against Paine, there was also great praise for Stokes’ incredible entries and the quality of cricket in what has been a fascinating series of tests.

We can all die happy now: cricket can’t be better than this,” Sydney Morning Herald columnist Greg Baum wrote.

Gideon Haigh said that No one involved in this test could feel more than honest to have been part of it.”

The Melbourne Herald Sun said Stokes gave England a “miracle of ashes. Ben Stokes started his incredible winning shot of a modern Geoffrey boycott and ended up looking like Adam Gilchrist. “Few test entries have matched it or will match it in value, glamour, and glory, Herald Sun Concluded.”