Can Pakistan find a way to reach in ICC World Cup semi-finals

Can Pakistan find a way to reach in ICC World Cup semi-finals?

Pakistan’s grand win over South Africa at Lord’s on Sunday has renewed its fans’ hopes for the team’s plausible spot in the coveted top four of the current 2019 World Cup. Pakistan now ranks seventh in the leader board with Afghanistan and South Africa officially out of the image of the World Cup. With this, let’s take a look at the possibilities for Sarfaraz and Co to participate in the semi-finals of the World Cup:

After Pakistan’s convincing win over South Africa, the team has a total of 5 points in 6 games. To become part of the semi-finals, Pakistan must win the next three matches against Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, respectively. If they win these three matches, Pakistan will finish with 11 points. Pakistan’s inclusion in the top four also depends on England losing at least two matches, as well as the defeat of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in at least one match.


Having lost to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, England will face India, New Zealand and Australia, three of the best teams of the tournament. If England loses the remaining three matches, they will be left with 8 points and could face elimination.


Just like Pakistan, Bangladesh has 5 points in 6 matches. They will then face Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. For Pakistan to qualify for the semi-finals, they would need Bangladesh to lose at least one match, excluding the one who would face Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka

The team has 6 points to their names in 6 games which makes them at the 6th position so far. Their victory against England catapulted them to number 5 on the points table, but it’s still not good for them. Sri Lanka has yet to face South Africa, the West Indies, and India. Pakistan needs Sri Lanka to lose at least one of its next matches to join the semi-finals.


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