Cameron wants T20 league more than international matches

Cameron wants T20 league more than international matches

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is currently at its peak of popularity. The number of interests in franchise-based tournaments is also quite high. Everyone is also benefiting from the T20 leagues. That’s why former West Indies Cricket Board president Dave Cameron wants more T20 league than international matches.

“I want to see a longer IPL,” he told PTI. IPL is the most popular event in the world. As well as the leagues of Australia, England, and other countries to belong, that’s what I want. The T20 league is now the most profitable. Cricketers are also interested in the T20 league. The popularity of the league should spread all over the world. For this, international cricket has to be reduced. Smaller countries will benefit less from the ICC tournament. However, playing in the T20 league will be more profitable.

The most traditional format of cricket is Test cricket. However, Cameron does not see the future of Test cricket. He thinks it is a non-profit format. It does not have to be mandatory for small countries. Smaller countries should not look at Tests.

“In fact, he will play Test cricket if he wants to or not,” he said. There should be such rules. There is no need to be mandatory, especially for small teams. Test cricket is a great game. But it is the only tradition. And Test cricket will survive for a while, even among the big countries. In fact, as long as Test cricket is not competitive, small nations should not pay attention to it. We have to accept that we live in a capitalist world. ‘

Cameron also has plans to spread cricket outside the subcontinent. “We want to popularize cricket outside the subcontinent,” he said. India will be in this plan. India will need help in any major global issue. Because they are the source of the most revenue. But I also want to make cricket popular in China and the United States.