Cameron Bancroft Ball-Tampering Case Would Be Re-investigated

Cameron Bancroft Ball-Tampering Case Would Be Re-investigated

One of the most scandalous chapters in the history of cricket was the ball-tampering incident of Australian cricketers. Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft were banned from cricket for the incident. Cameron Bancroft has spoken again about the Cape Town Test against South Africa. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia announced on Saturday (May 15) that the ball-tampering case would be re-investigated. Punishment will be provided to all those involved in the incident.

Bancroft spoke on the ball tampering issue in a recent interview with The Guardian. He said the bowlers already knew about ball tampering in that match. He was just caught doing the job.

Josh Hazlewood, who played in that match, said in an interview with Sky Sports in 2016, ‘We didn’t know about ball-tampering. We have batsmen to watch the ball. They fielded within 30 yards of the circle and around the bowlers. After each ball, they look at the ball. We get the ball in the hand from the moment we start the race from the bowling end, it is not possible to look at the ball in such a short time.

Recalling Josh Hazlewood’s statement, Bancroft said, ‘Yes, they (bowlers) knew about ball-tampering. That is their own interpretation. ‘

After banning three people in the ball tampering case, there were suspicions in various quarters that many more may be involved. However, it was not possible to punish any other cricketer due to lack of evidence.

Darren Lehmann, the then coach of the Australian team, resigned after that incident. The Aussie cricketers also apologized to the media in tearful voices.

Regarding his involvement in the ball-tampering scandal, Bancroft said: ‘Look, I wanted to be responsible and accountable for what I did. But what I have done is to give the bowlers an extra advantage. And they (bowlers) knew about it. If I had been a little more aware, I might have made a better decision. ‘

After returning from the ban, Bancroft played two Tests in the Ashes in 2019 but did not get a chance in the national team after that. Sheffield Shield, however, is sharpening itself by playing county cricket. So that when he returns to the national team, he does not have to be dropped.