Call on the validity of an election to be taken by Supreme Court, not CoA, Says State official

Call on the validity of an election to be taken by Supreme Court, not CoA, Says State official

Modifying its clarifications September 16 under the Supreme Court order September 20, the Committee of Administrators (CoA) also issues a warning to state associations saying that those agencies that have not reworked their constitutions in line with the new BCCI the Constitution could have their electoral results ignored. However, state agencies feel that the CoA is heading back the wrong way.

In a statement to IANS, a high-ranking official of the state association said that, as in the case of the order Supreme Court previous and clarification, all decisions concerning the election also might be taken only by the court main.

“Whoever has legally advised them of the notice they have just issued has once again prepared them for a fall. When the Supreme Court itself has clarified the position, it does not augur well for it to be stained again.” “The officials shall assume the validity of the result of the election and not the CoA.”

The CoA in the communiqué had written: “state associations that have not aligned their constitutions with the BCCI constitution run the risk that their electoral results will not be recognized.”

Noting the above clarifications that the state associations wanted from the SC, an official of the state agency said: “We all want to follow the instructions of the tribunal. However, in case of doubts or decisions, it is only the court that can issue clarifications or make a call. The CoA does not have that authority.”

A bench of the Judge SA Bobde and Judge L. Nageswara Rao allowed the Friday that the Cricket Association Tamil Nadu (TNCA) to hold elections for the position of Assistant Secretary, and further ordered that the disqualification limited only to those who had held the position of ” Carriers for “office of the associations of cricket. They also added that this order would apply to all state cricket associations.

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