Bradman's day ends, Sachin's day begins

Bradman’s day ends, Sachin’s day begins

The last time Bradman took to the field was on August 14, 1948, at 22 yards in cricket. On August 14, 1990, Sachin got the taste of the first international century of his career on which you can say that Bradman’s day ends and Sachin’s day begins. Indian cricket analyst and popular commentator Hersha Vogle recalls August 14, which is deeply ingrained in the memory of the two legends.

Two legends in the history of cricket, Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. These two-star batsmen have impressed the whole world with their batting quality. Where there were countless broken-up records of the two. These two greats have a lot in common on a date.

In a tweet, Hersha wrote, “The last time Bradman went down to bat in a Test, Sachin got his first Test century!”