BPL 2021 Postponed Again Due to Coronavirus

BPL is Not Happening This Year Either | BPL 2021 Postponed Due to Coronavirus 

The last edition of the Bangladesh Premier League BPL 2020 was held in December 2019, but the tournament was not held last year due to the coronavirus. The BPL 2021 is also postponed due to the same reason coronavirus outbreak. If everything goes well, the 7th edition of the tournament will start in January 2022.

The Corona epidemic has turned everything upside down, affecting world sports as well. As a part of it, cricket in this country was also suspended for about 6 months, then it will take a long time for cricket to return to normal. The Bangladesh Premier League game will not be played for another year to cope with Corona’s push.

A special BPL was held in the name of Bangabandhu in 2019, then the Bangladesh Cricket Board could not even think of BPL in 2020 due to the prevalence of Corona. Although the BCB hosted the Bangabandhu T20 Cup at the end of the year as an alternative, it was only for local cricketers.

The BCB will not be able to start the BPL in 2021 due to the postponed game and international busyness last year, but the 7th edition of the Bangladesh Premier League will be played at the beginning of 2022. According to a source in the board, the tournament will be held on January 14.

Exactly one year after the 7th edition of the BPL, the 9th edition of the tournament will be held in January 2023; The probable start date is January 3. Note that the Bangladesh Cricket Board has prepared a calendar of domestic cricket till 2023. The NCL, BCL, DPL, and BPL matches will be played according to the schedule of that calendar. There is also talk of a separate domestic T20 league outside the BPL.