Ben Stokes uncertain in the Opening Matches IPL 2020

Ben Stokes uncertain in IPL 2020

Ben Stokes is currently in New Zealand to give time to his father who is suffering from brain cancer. So the Rajasthan Royals coach cannot say for sure whether he will be available in the IPL or not. Rajasthan coach Andrew MacDonald wants to give Stokes enough time which means Ben Stokes in uncertain in the starting matches of IPL 2020.

The IPL 2020 Live Streaming starts on September 19, but Stokes has not yet joined the team. Doubts about the IPL game are growing as the all-rounder has yet to join the team.

“First of all, I would like to express my condolences to Stokes’ family,” the Rajasthan coach said. This is a difficult situation. We are giving him the amount of time he needs. We are also in touch with him. We don’t know where Stokes is now. We will be able to decide on this when the meeting starts. For now, I don’t want to have any second thoughts on this. ‘