Ben Stokes is real Threat to Ashes, Says Ricky Ponting

The new maturity of World Cup hero Ben Stokes poses the greatest threat to the Ashes of Australia candidacy, said Ricky Ponting. Ponting, who compared him to Andrew Flintoff as the “true heartbeat” of the English national team. Stokes played a crucial role in England’s World Cup triumph and re-established himself as a key player after an off-field incident that had threatened his career.

The England and Wales Cricket Board banned and fined all sorts of for discrediting the game after a one-night street fight in Bristol in 2017. He was stripped of the vice-captaincy of proof. Stokes missed the last tour of Australia before being acquitted of criminal charges in a high-profile court case.

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Ponting, who was the assistant to Australian coach Justin Langer during the World Cup, has been impressed by how hard Stokes has worked to redeem himself.

“It looks like he’s playing very maturely,” former Australian captain Ponting told Wednesday night. “It doesn’t look like he’s in much of a hurry now as he might have been. “What your personality has is also that he’s a big, strong, cheeky guy with a little ego. And I think as a younger person, it was probably all flat, a speed.

For me, (during the World Cup) it seems that he (he) was able to understand the situations and play accordingly. That’s a little maturity and understanding your own game and understanding what your team needs you to do. That could be a problem for Australia next month as they begin their quest to win their first Ashes series in England since 2001.

He’s a key man and more a key man because I think he’s his team’s real heartbeat. A bit like Flintoff’s ‘Freddie’ in the Ashes series, Ponting said.

When they were in trouble and they needed something, they tend to go to those kinds of men. Australia needs to keep you calm if you’re going to win the series. Stokes has rested for this week’s only test against little Ireland at Lord’s. Where England appeared to be guarding the World Cup hangover when 85 embarrassing slumps in their first innings on Wednesday.